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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

If you have goods to unload, materials to stack onto shelves, it would be rare if you do not own or rent a forklift. The right forklift can save you precious time and money. Therefore it is important to take into consideration your project requirements, budget, replacement parts availability, to name a few. In this post, we will compare the top brands in Singapore - TOYOTA, KOMATSU, MITSUBISHI.

Words the best of 2017 so far


1. Lift height capacity -  This is the highest point the forklift can reach. Most if not all forklifts in Singapore has a reach of 4 meters.

Comparing the reach varieties of 3ton diesel Forklift across the 3 brands . 

  • Brand: MITSUBISHI - Reach: 4m, 4,5m, 4.7m, 6.0m

  • Brand: KOMATSU - Reach: 4m, 4.5m, 6.0m

  • Brand: TOYOTA - Reach: 4m, 4.3m, 6.0m

2. Replacement parts availability - All 3 brands - TOYOTA, KOMATSU, MITSUBISHI has a base in Singapore, it is easy to get genuine spare parts, or even OEM. For older forklifts (i,e 10 years and above) there are many forklift spare parts suppliers scattered around Singapore. Having been in this used forklift industry for the past 15 years, with our own rental fleet repairs and service / maintenance for our clients, we have not faced any difficulties securing parts even for forklifts as old as 30 years. I wouldthe 3 brands tie in this area.

3. Pricing - The cost of a forklift (Let's talk 3ton here) ranges from Low 30 thousand to high 30 thousand Singapore dollars. Specs definitely plays a part in the final cost. For example a forklift with 6m reach, will cost significantly more than one with a 4m reach. TOYOTA has been one of the industry's top seller for the past years. They have consistently come up with reliable and durable machines. But their forklift price is among the highest in the market. There are many local supporters of KOMATSU & MITSUBISHI, apart from a lower pricing, these two brands have made great progress in safety and innovation. Without a doubt, we would be seeing more & more KOMATSU & MITSUBISHI forklift in the market.  Cost is only but one small component of a large purchase decision.

We highly recommend you look into warranties from the provider and after sales service. These cannot be measured with dollars and cents but they make a lot of difference when you have a deadline to meet. An experienced forklift provider should provide what you're really after - lowest cost of ownership. 

If you have ever used one of the brands before, let us know what you think?

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