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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Ease of use and familiarity , Value , Sustainability .

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Benefits of Used Forklift 1 : Ease of use and familiarity

Used forklift models breed familiarity, your workers most probably know how to operate the older models and can use that experience to close the training gap. With no extra costly training and no fancy gadgets to worry about replacing or fear of damaging, your cost of operation decrease and ease of use increase. When properly maintained, a used Forklift built in 2005 should easily last another ten years or even much longer.

Benefits of Used Forklift 2: Value

Low Price is always nice. As a business owner, you know your funds need to be diversified. With the purchase price of a used forklift being a fraction of the cost of a new one, saving money is certainly a priority. The Old Adage rings true: Any Equipment loses value as soon as you drive it off the dealership. Consider the fact that you’ll likely spend up to $40,000 for a brand new forklift. You can easily picked up a refurbished, gently used forklift of the same capacity for half the price. This leaves you plenty of room to apply it towards buying other equipment and machinery, or even forklift attachments and accessories, that could further benefit your warehouse. Beng Siang has a portion of our used forklift stock listed on our website.

Benefits of Used Forklift 3: Sustainability

From a sustainability perspective, it definitely makes more sense to buy a used forklift over a new one, as the building and disposal of any product has a significant environmental impact. In an automotive industry's studies, it has been have shown that between 12 and 28 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions generated during a car's lifecycle occur during manufacturing and initial shipment. Every time a consumer opts for a used piece of equipment over a new one, that's one equipment that’s already passed through those phases and one less equipment headed to the scrap heap.

When considering a used forklift over a new one, think about how that decision will affect your warehouse operations. Take the above factors into considerations when making this decision for your business. Cost, training and durability will all come into play.

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