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Work easier with Fork lift attachments

Attachments are used with forklifts to make work efficient and add additional functions. Find  yours below;

Fork Extension / Sleeves / Shoes

Ideal for safe and stable handling of loads which are longer than the forklift forks

forklift fork blade extension for sales
Side Shifter

Forklift Sideshifter is one of the most popular attachments. The side shifter operates in conjunction with the forks. They allow the operator to shift the forks to the left and right without leaving their seat. The operator can reposition the forks to the left or right to pick up a load that might not be perfectly aligned with the forklift. This saves wear and tear on the forklift.

forklift attachment left right side shifter for sales
Fork Positioner / Mover

Forklift Fork positioner allows the forklift operator to automatically adjust the distance between the forks quickly to fit different pallet sizes without leaving their seat.

forklift hydraulic fork positioner / mover, move in and out
360 degrees Rotator

Forklift Rotator has forks attached to a rotating apron that can turn between 180 degrees and 360 degrees. These attachments are most often used where bins or containers are stored and transported. The contents are carried in the bin and dumped into another container.

forklift rotator attachment for sales, turn 360 degree
Paper Roll Clamp / Fork Clamp / Bale Clamp

Clamps allow the operator to clamp onto the sides of an item (ie. roll of paper) without damaging or crushing the product. These clamps can be used in a variety of applications. Clamps are the attachment of choice when a load is not transportable by pallet.

used forklft white paper roll clamp for sales

Paper Roll Clamp

for sales in singapore used forklift fork clamp

Fork Clamp

forklift bale clamp for sales in singapore

Bale Clamp

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