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Forklift Mechanics you can trust.

We can repair and restore most Japan and China forklift ( e.g TOYOTA, KOMATSU, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, TCM, HANGCHA and etc) makes and model into good working forklift, to help you save some money and reduce waiting time. As best as we can, we provide same day Singapore Island wide on-site forklift trouble shooting and forklift repairs for your diesel / battery / electric forklift and reach truck, to minimize disruption to your daily operations. From minor forklift repairs to scheduled forklift truck maintenance, we always have a forklift service package to meet your forklift needs at a cost effective way. Choose from one of the service options below.

Not sure? Give us a call - Mobile Hotline: 82997705.  We are always happy to assist you.

mechanic repair forklift engine in singapore
J.M, the mechanic from beng siang machinery


In-house technical support team.

"I've been fixing things since i was a teenager. Things never change..  I do the work i do, because i enjoy making things work again."

If you have an forklift engine, transmission issue, most likely J.M is the one working on it.


fork lift repair services


onsite forklift repair services at F1 Singapore

As forklift trucks are used they endure general wear and tear and breaks down. We can repair your forklift and get them up and running at an affordable cost. 

+ Mobile onsite forklift repair and troubleshooting in Singapore starts from S$90.00 Per trip 

+ Forklift Spare parts replacements, Forklift Repair Works and labor cost (will be quoted accordingly)

CALL US: 6363 5561


toyota 7fd50 forklift general servicing in singapore

Planned Forklift standard servicing and Reach Truck Maintenance offers you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection. Our forklift maintenance plans provide ongoing upkeep of your trucks and help detect any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. 

Standard forklift servicing for diesel engine includes:

- Oil Change

- Air, Oil, Fuel Filter Change

- Greasing of moving parts

- forklift monthly inspection report (if required)

+ Available for One time. Twice Yearly. Quarterly.

+ A one time service for a small fork lift starts from $220.  A quarterly forklift maintenance contract offers a savings of 10 - 20%.


komatsu forklift brake repair in progress. Beng Siang Machinery technician

Is your forklift brake squealing or other noises coming out from your forklift?

The forklift will not come to a stop when the foot brake is activated? Or is it slow to respond? Your forklift hand brake does not engage when activated.

Let us help you out. A forklift’s brake system repair can be between a few hundreds for a simple forklift brake parts replacement to thousand ++ for a complete forklift brake overhaul. 

A Forklift complete brake overhaul replacement parts includes:

- Brake Pad

- Shaft Seal
- Hub Seal

- Wheel Cylinder
- Hand Brake Cable

- Brake Master Pump

- Brake Drum Rebuild

- Brake Fluid


tcm forklift 3 ton cant start engine. Beng siang forklift provides battery replacement in singapore

The life expectancy for your forklift battery is typically between one to three years.


Several factors determine how long your forklift battery will last, for example driving habits, quality of battery. Sometimes, it is the forklift starter and/or forklift alternator causing the problems. We do provide forklift genuine or OEM parts replacement for your choosing.

+ Replacement of one or all of the above items can range from S$280.00 to S$1000.00. This is a forklift repair service we can perform fast and onsite.

forklift oil leaking repair in process in beng siang forklift worshop.

Does your reach truck or forklift leaves a visible trail of oil on the floor? A ruptured hose? Or the forklift's lifting cylinder or forklift tilt cylinder is leaking oil from normal wear and tear? 

Even small oil leakages can prevent a  forklift from functioning safely and properly. Major oil leaking from engine and transmission will require immediate attention as once the oil is emptied it can cause the components in the engine and transmission to knock against each other and cause considerable damage to your forklift. This will be a costly repair and is absolutely avoidable.

+ A minor forklift hose replacement with hydraulic oil top up will cost upwards of S$250.00, while a set of forklift oil seal replacement part starts from S$180.00.


certified forklift operator smiling at the camera.
komatsu 5 ton forklift rear axle repair in progress.
hyster forklift model H4.00dx radiator damaged.

If you need it, we are almost certain we can support you. 

+ Forklift New paint works

+ Forklift Tyres replacement

+ Installation of Forklift attachment

+ Complete refurbishment of forklift.

+ Forklift Major Repair (Forklift Engine Overhaul, Forklift Transmission Overhaul)

+ Water leaking from forklift radiator

+ Clean and Flush contaminated forklift diesel tank

+ Replacement of forklift safety features (light bulb, rotating light, electrical wirings)

+ Forklift cannot move forward and backwards

+ Top up of battery forklift water

+ Rear Axle of forklift

+ Reach truck servicing

+ Replacement of forklift seal kit

+ Replacement of forklift alternator, starter, battery, key switch, horn, seat and seatbelt

+ Monthly forklift inspection for job site submission

+ Forklift brands we can work with are;
- CATERPILLAR Forklift and Reachtruck

- HELI Forklift and Reachtruck

- HANGCHA Forklift and Reachtruck
- KOMATSU Foklift and Reachtruck
- MITSUBISHI Forklift and Reachtruck
- NISSAN Forklift and Reachtruck

- TOYOTA Forklift and Reachtruck

- TCM Forklift and Reachtruck

- UNICARRIER Forklift and Reachtruck

+ Cant find what you are looking for? Talk to us. :)


CALL US: 6363 5561


beng siang forklift technian walking towards kalmar forklift to check oil leaking



Q: What is the mode of payment for the forklift repair services?

Q: We need to use our forklift urgently.  How long does BSM take to respond to our forklift service call?

We understand some work are time crucial. Many times we are flexible, we place urgent cases as priority. As best as we can, we try to attend to your fork lift repair call within a few hours. 

Q: How much does the forklift repair cost?

This is a tough question to answer. Minor oil leaks on your forklift or a small forklift spare parts replacement should not cost more than a couple of hundreds, however a complete forklift engine or/and transmission overhaul in the thousands.

We accept cash / cheques. Forklift Repairs is always on cash terms.

More questions? Contact us.

We understand, if you are unfamiliar with forklift repair , it can be confusing. Drop us a message or for a fast response, watspp us.  -- 8299 7705 --

Q: Is there warranty for your forklift repair service?

Yes, We will always honour our work. Workmanship is covered for 3 months. 

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